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started to wash the clothes. I first put water in the washing machine, put all the dirty clothes in the washing machine, and then put the right amount of washing powder into it. Stir well, I will open the switch I accidentally splashed my face on my face. I saw me in the mirror. I laughed and laughed. The first time I washed it, I took out a piece of dirty clothes and put it in a basin. I put all the dirty water in the washing machine and replayed the water. I poured all the clothes into the washing machine and turned on the switch. After washing, I put the water in the washing machine off Cigarettes For Sale. Put the clothes in the bucket. It��s almost dry, it��s almost the same, I��m going to take the clothes to dry. I put some of my little clothes in the basin and washed them. After washing Cigarettes Online, I just got up straight, ��Hey! "My back pain is very bad. I can't stand up. After I finished the clothes, I helped my mother do a lot of chores. After a day, I was exhausted. I finally realized the hard work of my mother's housework." I helped my mother to eat at home in the morning Newport Cigarettes Coupons. My mother said, "We are all at work. Do you wash the three bowls?" "I said: " OK. "A holiday, I have to go to play table tennis at 8:00 every morning. Now I have finished playing. I should also help my mother do some housework and wash the bowl. What are you doing? The weather is not good these two days, and there are not many dishes at home." Yesterday, my mother and I had instant noodles at noon, yes, go buy food. Listen to my mother said that the food market should be careful, I have to pay attention! Usually the keys to the house are hung around the neck, right now? I still stuff it into the clothes, so that others can't see it; what about the money? The hand can't hold it, and no one is following it. Yes, usually the mother is carrying a small bag on the cooking field, I am also squatting, everything Ready, locked the door and set off to the vegetable market. I saw that many grandmothers were holding a small bag and holding it tightly. I also liked them, grabbed the small bag and started to buy food. I asked a few, I didn��t pay much, I knew how to buy it, but I was the first time I bought it myself. I was really afraid of buying it, what was new and not fresh, I had to settle it myself. Hey, it��s really troublesome! I usually buy food with mom. ! In the next guide the country are worried about when I encountered a savior Marlboro Red, grandma to buy food, great, and quickly call grandma, grandma saw me: "how do you come? "I said: "I want to buy food myself, but come here, it is too much trouble, I don't know what to do." "Hey said: "What do you want to buy? "I said: "A few days ago, I took green peppers and beans. I bought eggplant, melon and bitter gourd this time. Next, I choose the food I want, and let me give it to the staff. If I do, I will pay, and I will count it. After buying the dishes, I saw the edamame, which is my favorite, and I bought some more. I found out that the people who sell vegetables are different. Some people don��t want to have two hairs or one hair, but some people can��t, and one point can��t be less. Also, some dishes can make you pick whatever you like, and some don't. For example, if I buy edamame, he won't let me pick one by one. Fortunately, there are squats, there is help, I am relieved. After I bought the food, I was afraid that I couldn��t get so many dishes, so I would give you a few pieces and let me squat. This is good, but when I get home, I can��t open it. I can��t open it. Just put it. The plastic belt was torn open. At noon, my mother and father came back from work. When I saw that I bought a bunch of vegetables, I was very happy. I just boasted that I grew up. My mother said, "Is the money cleared?" I said: "I have cleared it, and some of my money has been given to me. I spent a total of ten yuan." He said that he returned the packet to his mother. Mom said: "How about it, if you have trouble buying food, you have to pick and choose." I am very proud: "Alright, I bought it for two hours!" Mom laughed: "You must eat at noon today Marlboro Gold." It��s particularly fragrant, the feeling of buying food is different. Sometimes things look very simple. It��s not like doing it. It��s like buying food. I used to go with my mother. It��s not the same as myself. I still feel very complicated, and I don��t even want to buy it if I don��t touch it.

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